I don’t even know if I heard the word copulation before Access Consciousness® and at first, I didn’t like it.  It was too casual, what about connection? What about that thing that happens when you see someone from across the room and you know, they are “the one”, yes, I’ve had that happen. I married two men and they were both “the one” only it turns out they weren’t “the one” and when I left, I believed I would find the next “one”. Wow, that’s exhausting just reminiscing about it, Where the heck does that come from?


Copulation, the act of putting two bodies together.  Hmmm, my body doesn’t like just a physical experience, and I am not sure that I want a relationship, so what is possible for the meantime that will be fun, teach me something and contribute to me and my body?

I got on Tinder per the pushing of my roommate and had a couple of experiences that didn’t really work for me, I dabbled on and off of the site and somewhere in the middle of that, organically dating and not dating at all, I experienced a beautiful copulationship with a man I met on tinder.  The contribution was beyond anything I imagined to include this inspiration in writing



You’ve called me to the floor of my own desires, showed up as someone I didn’t know existed. At times I’ve had to sit with myself, question and understand that exactly what I had asked for was right in front of me. You offered the freedom I crave while never once making me feel guilty or ashamed. You stood in front of me present and engaged, looking into my eyes deeply as though we’ve been lovers for eternity, I don’t know how you find the capacity to make me feel completely adored while honoring my Independence and asking nothing more of me than the moment. You’ve devoured my body so intensely and shared yourself with the openness and vulnerability that excites me and begs for even more. From the first moment you walked up to me, the sitting in conversation, the way you looked at me from across the table to the last time you pulled away from my house, I have felt you see me, looking at me in a way that is unknown and still brings forth a comfort and a desire that calls me to surrender. I love the allowance of my wild nature without the desire to tame me all the while giving a sense of communion with you that is continually inviting. I’ve absorbed the times when your willingness to just be with me outweighed the desire to be in me and called me to honor and respect you even more.  I don’t know your story, we didn’t spend time with that. I don’t know what your world wants to be in concern to woman and what barriers/desires create your path, I do know that you are an insatiable man and I am grateful for the way you stand next to me, show up and even more, the truth you live for you, what ever that is. I’m honored to know you and blessed to have shared my body with you, and your body with me.  It’s not very often we get to cross paths with exceptional people, or better yet, exceptional people who energetically vibe our same vibe and create an easy space to be fully present and vulnerably satiable, I found that with you.  I wonder if you have considered, how much growth our communion has granted, granted in receiving without expectation? A shift in what is possible outside of what is expected?  How beautiful it is to show up and share bodies, time and mutual gratitude? How much our togetherness lives outside the norm and how that creates something more, possibility?  I have and I thank you.  ~Michelle

What are your points of view around sex, sexuality and copulation that are keeping you stuck in the no fun zone of your bedroom?

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