Tell me to do something and I be like this~-2

I read a post from a friend, more appropriately an inspirational force, and bam, slapped me right upside the head and shook loose some awareness about myself.

At one of my lowest points and in building some sense of self worth I was simultaneously;

  • A single mother raising three kids
  • Going through a tumultuous divorce
  • Going to college
  • Working full time
  • Working out 6 days a week
  • Getting my ass kicked weekly/daily in a group setting, that required going deep into and reliving my trauma, dragging myself back out through tears, snot, sweat and all the strength of Zena Warrior Princess combined with a Black Panther while facing judgements that came with the process of the undoing of myself
  • And pretending I had it together enough to date in a new healthy form that all of the previous was creating.

One day while in conversation with my mentor I was speaking out loud about getting it perfect in my classes and he said, you could give yourself a break and accept that a 3.33 GPA is good enough considering everything else on your plate. HA! That actually took many years.

Here I am many years beyond that and several other multitasking dances behind me and laughing, yes laughing at the “cute” blocks I create in my business and future daily.

What else can I create now that I am in love with myself if I know what I’ve been able to create while beating myself up?

What do I know about my capacities to create that I deny in favor of choosing to always prove I can do it?

What energy, space and consciousness can I be to create out of joy and ease where I used to buy the idea that I had to prove my worth can I now choose?

What are your superpowers?


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